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What is a PAN Card? PAN or permanent account number is compulsory and necessary as per the rules and regulations cited by the income tax department of India. This applies to all Indian citizens as well as non resident Indians living abroad, but wishing to carry out any financial transactions in India. This number is compulsory for any financial dealings in India. The IT department of India enforces this rule, and one is required to quote the Pan card number on the occasion of any transaction that needs to be conducted.


PAN serves as a very important tool to the Income tax department as it allows them to monitor the transactions, track high value monetary exchanges and ensure compliances with tax laws and make sure that no laws are being violated. It can be considered as a Indian TAX number or TAX ID, like a SSN in the U.S.A.

What are the Advantages of a PAN Number for NRIs & PIOs? The benefits of having a PAN number in India are listed below. First and foremost, it acts as an identity proof, a testimony to one’s relation to India. In this context it is COMPULSORY for all non resident Indians to possess a Pan card as it helps them carry out any transactions in their country efficiently and with the minimum amount of trouble. Thus if one wishes to invest in India, or file taxes the PAN card is of utmost importance.


Why NRIs need a PAN Card?

- The PAN card needs to be disclosed in the event of the purchase or sale of any property. The document pertaining to the sale or purchase of property must contain the PAN. This rule holds where immovable property valued at Rs. 500,000 or more is involved. In case of co-owners, the PAN of both the owners needs to be mentioned. However, if a nominee holds the property, it is important to mention the PAN of the legal owner.

- If you wish to invest in India, carry any kind of financial or investment related transactions in India.

- If one is involved in the sale or purchase of four-wheelers, again the Pan is required in the event of the registration. Vehicles running on fixed rails, vehicles used only in factories or other enclosed premises, or vehicles having less than four wheels are exempt from this rule.

- Transactions with any banking companies also require the PAN. When the sum involved is more than Rs. 50,000, the PAN needs to be quoted. In case of post office savings involving amounts more than Rs. 50,000, the same rule holds. Investment in post office national savings certificate or Kisan Vikas Patra is exempted from this rule.

- The PAN also comes into use when one is involved in a contract of sale or purchase of securities exceeding 1 lakh. This includes bonds, debentures, units, derivatives and government securities.
Purchase of bank drafts, pay orders and bankers’ cheques involving cash payments exceeding Rs. 50,0000.
Sale or purchase of foreign currency where the cash payment exceeds Rs. 25,000. Thus the PAN is required for travel to any foreign country.

- Application for the installation of the telephone requires the PAN. Same is needed for a cellular phone as well.

- Opening a bank account requires the PAN. This is vital for opening a new account in your name.

- If one raises bills of over Rs. 25,000 in restaurant or hotels, the PAN might be required for the payments.

- If one wishes to apply for a credit card, he/she will have to give his PAN for the delivery of a credit card.
Mutual funds investments also require the PAN. Payment of Rs. 50,000 or more for purchase of units or for purchase of shares requires the PAN card. The PAN needs to be quoted in any venture involving stocks, debentures or bonds.

- Lastly, any minor wishing to open a bank account will need to quote the PAN of either parent. In case of a joint account, the other person needs to provide the PAN.

How we assist? We are a private broker firm assisting NRI, PIO, OCI and Foreign companies to apply for a PAN in India, even if they don't have a Indian address proof. We advise you about what documents are required, what the procedure is and make the whole government process simple & hassle free by acting as your agent.! We then help you to apply by submitting your pan application and documents to the NRI PAN office in India.


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